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Convenient Location

Convenient Location

Container drayage

Container drayage

Warehousing service

Warehousing service

Example of a transloaded shipment with multiple delivery destinations


If your shipment is traveling a long way from the port to the final destination via truck, we may transload it in order to avoid costly per diem charges.



The distance and time-frame it takes a drayage service to move a container amounts to a very short period in the overall travel journey of the shipment. When a container ship arrives in port, a large contingency of drayage service drivers quickly move in place to transport assigned cargo.

Drayage also means transporting cargo to a warehouse, to another port or deliver to end destination within a specified radius. Life Express LLC are able to cover a diversity of services.

On occasion, the question may arise if drayage service is required. The answer is likely yes because of what it takes to move freight from the dock to the intended space.


Transloading Cross-Docking Warehousing

Cross docking is a logistics strategy when the carrier immediately unloads the cargo from an incoming container and then loads it directly to an outbound carrier, also known as from dock to dock. Life express keeps supply chains moving in a productive, effective manner.

Transloading can also be used to move equipment and materials between job sites, warehouse-to-warehouse points, and warehouse to end-customer locations. Cross-docking and transshipping refer to methods that use a single type of transportation strategy to move products. For example, you will use one truck to move freight partway across the country and then load the shipment to another vehicle to make the remainder of the trip.


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